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RIPPLE FISHER OceanRidge Powerfight GT 711 NANO: Dominate the fight with the strength and finesse of Nano technology, designed for conquering the giants of the deep.

The OceanRidge series are GT rods especially designed with Ripple Fishers’ brand characteristics. The lineup built up for the needs of the expert anglers require manual maneuvering and will bring out the true skills in anglers. These are not your ordinary lineup and will not suit all anglers. But rest assure that these rods will feel like a part of your body once anglers have established their style and skill.

In 2021, we have brushed up and gone back to the drawing board to renew the most powerful rods of the FINAL SPIRIT GT 79 and 80 to release the new GT78. The GT game is becoming tougher and tougher each year and sometimes require the use of supersize lures to induce a bite. The new GT78 is not simply an over powered rod but will become your biggest asset in specific situations and against monstrous GTs.


Although this stiff and super sensitive rod may be limited for use by experts, its true potential will be exhibited once anglers with vast knowledge and skills take hold of it. The Nano blank developed by Toray Industries. Co has sharpened the blanks capabilities allowing anglers to decipher the subtle changes in current and control the lure at the anglers will. The PowerFight 711 has remarkable lifting power and will surface GTs exceeding 50kg simply by loading up the rod and using its repulsive force.


  • Suitable reel size ・S:18000 / D:6500
  • Grip length / 814mm(Grip full length)・504mm(From grip end to reel foot)
  • Dia of tip / 3.8mm(Just below top guide)・Dia of butt / 14.9mm (Butt diameter measured 880mm from the bottom of tip section)
  • Reel seat / DPS20(Fuji)Up Lock
  • Grip end / BRC
  • Small~Large Face Cup・Diving Stick Bait
  • Guides: SiC Ocean Guide(Fuji)/ NANOALLOY® technology blank
  • Target: GT


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Parameter Value
Max drag (kg) 15
Type of fishing Saltwater
Number of guides 6
Number of sections 2
PE Rating МАX PE 10
Lure test (g) MAX 210
Length (m) 2,41 - 7'11"
Transport length (cm) 168,2
Product weight (g) 375
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