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Who we are

www.waves.bg is online fishing shop featuring wide selection of lures, rods, reels, lines, clothing and other fishing gear. At our store you can find a great variety of products and accessories for sea and ocean fishing. Our online shop represents brands and wares, which are for a first time at the Balkan’s market and are specifically tailored for spinning, popping, casting, speed jig, slow jig, etc. We are importers of products from the following brands: BKK HOOKS,  RIPPLE FISHER, NOMAD DESIGN, OCEAN'S LEGACY, TEMPLE REEF, SHIMANO, COSTA DEL MAR, MEIHO, BUSTED FISHING, TASLINE, TORMENTER, HOTS, MOMOI, YGK, XESTA, FISHERMAN, NT SWIVEL, MUSTAD, UROCO, IMA and others. You may find our products at the online shop, as well as at our showroom, located in Sofia 1700, Studentski grad, Prof. Aleksandar Fol 2 str, entr K, Unit 1. The website of Waves.bg is ownership of WAVES.BG OOD, BULSTAT 205914700.

Our showroom