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Unleash your casting distance with the Ripple Fisher Long Cast GT82 Nano. Designed for long-range accuracy and power to tackle the toughest game fish.

This unified OceanRidge series comprise of GT rods packed with Ripple Fisher’s pride and joy. The lineup which have been designed with the ultimate manual settings are dedicated for the experienced anglers around the world. Although these rods are not for the fainthearted, we are positive that the rods will become a part of you for those skilled enough to recognize their strengths and style of fishing. All 5 models in the OceanRidge series are especially designed to target large GT which inhabit the waters in various parts of the world. We have not classified the rods depending on power, but have carefully selected and developed the lineup depending on the unique characteristics of the rods. All blanks in the series have been built with the use of the NANOALLOY® technology” developed by Toray industries, Inc. and have gone through countless hours of testing in the field. 
We are proud to present the series for those anglers who seek to master the GT game further and for those who are willing to challenge the limits.


For those who want to cast farther than any other angler on the boat. This is an ideal rod for use when long casting is required or casting against head winds. It is suited for use with poppers and diving pencil type lures. The Nano material has not only increased its controllability but anglers will also be able to sense the slightest changes in current movement through the blank, line and lure while efficiently and effectively surface the GT. Although it is a long casting model, you will be pleasantly surprised with its lightness and controllability.



  • Suitable reel size :S:10000~18000 / D:5000~6500
  • Grip length / 814mm(Grip full length)・504mm(From grip end to reel foot)
  • Dia of tip / 3.8mm(Just below top guide)・Dia of butt / 15.9mm (Butt diameter measured 880mm from the bottom of tip section)
  • Reel seat / DPS20(Fuji)Up Lock
  • Grip end / BRC
  • Lure: Diving Stick Bait・Small~Large Face Cup
  • Guides: SiC Ocean Guide(Fuji)/ NANOALLOY® technology blank
  • Target: GT
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Parameter Value
Max drag (kg) 14
Type of fishing Saltwater
Number of guides 7
Number of sections 2
PE Rating MAX PE 8
Lure test (g) MAX 190
Length (m) 2,49 - 8'2"
Transport length (cm) 179,6
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