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Ripplefisher’s 3 piece pack rod, “GTXpedition” model has been reborn. When considering recent traveling limitations, the collapsed length has been set to 887mm for the two PE6 and PE8 class rods. These models are not only suitable for your GT fishing in exotic locations but also trips targeting massive kingfish. By combining these rods with the Aquila EX models, anglers will have a wider range to choose from depending on the sea conditions, lure size and target size. 
By reviewing the bending of the new GTXpedition models, we were able to perfect it as a 3 piece rod. With its lightness, outstanding balance, sharpness and appropriate bending curve, you will not believe it to be a multi piece rod. 
We hope you can first handedly experience the ever improving technology at Ripplefisher.

Although the GTX series were developed as a 3 piece model for fishing trips overseas, they are also ideal for not only domestic GT, but also the casting game for Kingfish. The difference from the PE6 class Aquila EX is the sharp stiffness during the casting, whereas the Aquila EX is more suited for technical small maneuvers of the lure. In addition, the stiffness and strength of the regular tapered GTX series have made it easy to perform long jerks of the lure at a consistent pace.


This is a PE8 class multi piece model to target large size GT as its main target domestically or internationally. The sharp and highly resilient blank is ideal for use with large diving pencils and medium size mouthed poppers. You will be able to utilize and sharply maneuver these lures with little effort thanks to the characteristics of the blank. The sharpness of the blank will also reduce the load on the angler when casting all day long. in contrast to the 81M, this model is more muscular and has a sharper blank with instantaneous force enabling anglers to take initiative and have a speedy fight with the monstrous fish. You will be able to load the blank and stop the fish in shallow waters or around rough structures. This is the ultimate travel rod we were able to produce through challenging the limits of a multi piece rod. 

  • Suitable reel size・S:14000~18000 / D:5500~6500
  • Grip length / A:852mm(Grip full length)・ B:505mm(From grip end to reel foot)
  • Dia of tip / 3.9mm(Just below top guide) ・Dia of butt / 15.2mm (Butt diameter measured 920mm from the bottom)
  • Reel seat / DPS20(Fuji) Up Lock
  • Grip end / BRC
  • Lure: Diving Stick Bait・Small~Medium Face Cup・Diving Popper
  • Guides: SiC Ocean Guide(Fuji)
  • Target: GT

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