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Experience unmatched power and precision with the Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 95TC. Designed for big game fishing, it's the angler's ultimate weapon.

1The RunnerExceed series are land-based casting rods packed with characteristics required to go head to head with monstrous bluerunners off the rocks. Targets including your local yellowtails, kingfish, amberjacks to those GT, dogtooth tuna inhabiting the warmer waters. Our lineup of rods are designed with the capabilities to “catch” your dream fish in the harshest environments.

Recently, the number of anglers targeting 20kg class kingfish have increased and are seeking not only the power in a rod, but also the least amount of strain on the angler. No matter how strong a rod may be, if the angler does not have the power to bend it, s/he will be in the disadvantage when fighting off the rocks. Through the long and grueling testing, we are proud to announce the release of the 110H PlugModel in 2020.

You can bend the rod and lift, stop the thrashing fish with its power, or technically fight the fish with the use of the long-leader system utilizing the bait-tackle setup. Each and every angler will have their own style but there is one thing in common and that is the “strength” the RunnerExceed series have.

We would like anglers who challenge themselves to the limits to first handedly experience the lightness, controlability, resilience and strength of the series when most needed during the fight

Runner Exceed 95TC

The 95TC is a technical model with a highly responsive blank design to maneuver the lure on a next level. The developmental concept of this model was to enable anglers to utilize various lures including sinking minnow, poppers, diving-pencils and jigs to induce bites in difficult conditions when the sea is flat and the lure is highly visible. The light weight 9.5ft length rod has a MH class strength for fighting 5~10kg blue runners off the rocks. With its outstanding casting distance and highly well balanced characteristics, anglers can utilize this as your main rod or back-up rod for your more exotic expeditions. This 95TC will serve you in various fishing conditions and produce results in the toughest of times.

  • Suitable reel size・S・D:6000~8000
  • Grip length / A:694mm(Grip full length) ・B:459mm(From grip end to reel foot)
  • Dia of tip / 3.0mm(Just below top guide) Dia of butt・3mm (Butt diameter measured 730mm from the bottom)
  • Reel seat / DPS20(Fuji) Up Lock
  • Grip end / BRC
  • SiC-S Titanium frame K Guide +RV Guide (Fuji)
  • Field: Rock/Port
  • Target: Kingfish/Yellowtail/Amberjack


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Parameter Value
Max drag (kg) 6
Type of fishing Saltwater
Number of guides 7
Number of sections 2
PE Rating MAX PE 4
Transport length (cm) 149,5
Lure test (g) MAX 120 JIG
Lure test (g) 30 - 90 Plug
Length (m) 2,87 - 9'5"
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