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Арт.№ 4580397940104

Разгърнете потенциала си за риболов с Ripple Fisher Aquila MLT 82-2/4. Неговият универсален дизайн го прави идеален за различни риболовни техники.

The Aquila MLT series were developed for situations where your targets are feeding on super small baitfish (white bait) and require anglers to utilize lighter tackle or for situations where the fish are highly sensitive towards fishing vessels and require anglers to cast long distances. You can say that we had to fuse together contradicting features of casting and controlling light lures while possessing the power for large species and maintaining the initiative of massive fish during the fight. It is a new generation of rods designed to catch large species with light tackle, requiring anglers to maximize the strength of the line. This line-up of rods compliments the compilation of models produced for our off-shore series.
*The 2/4 notation on the rod means the tip section is a PE2 class while the butt section is PE4 max. (3/6 means the tip is a PE3 class while the butt is a PE6 class)


The MLT82-2/4 has a tip section of a PE2 class, enabling anglers to accurately cast and control small ~ super small lures. It is an ideal model to overcome the challenging game where the white-bait are on the targets main menu. With its outstanding casting ability and controllability of the small lures, anglers will be able to reach great distances when casting and won’t spook the fish from the presence of the boat. Although the tip section is light, the PE4 class butt section will enable anglers to maintain the initiative during the fight and lift the fish efficiently. Its versatility will allow anglers to target and land various species from the blue-runners, bonitos, dorados, and tuna. We hope this rod will assist those anglers who have been itching to cast smaller lures, farther, wider and with lighter line to catch your dream fish.


  • Suitable reel size :S:6000~8000 / D:4000~5000
  • Grip length / 799mm (Grip full length) ・520mm (From grip end to reel foot)
  • Dia of tip / 2.4mm (Just below top guide) ・Dia of butt / 13.4mm (Butt diameter measured 870mm from the bottom of tip section)
  • Reel seat / DPS20(Fuji)Down Lock
  • Grip end / BRC
  • Field: Shore line ~ Island
  • SiC-S Titanium frame K Guide + SiC Ocean Guide(Fuji)
  • Target: Yellowtail・Kingfish・Yellowfin tuna
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Параметър Стойност
Драг (кг) 7
Вид риболов Соленоводен
Брой водачи 7
Брой секции 2
PE рейтинг PE 2 - 4
Транспортна дължина (см) 178,2
Дължина (м) 2,79 - 9'2"
Тест по примамки (гр.) 30 -70
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