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Art. # 4988494609

YGK Castman Absorber: Elevate angling comfort. Perfectly balance strength & shock absorption for ultimate fishing experience.

YGK Castman Absorber is a premium quality Japanese made monofilament line that is perfect for GT Popping, Jigging and Saltwater applications. Its extremely supple, has excellent abrasion resistant, is extremely clear and has kink-resistant properties. Its slow sinking so is perfect for use with surface lures and has controlled stretch making it the ideal shock leader for use on big fish and braided lines. This excellent value, premium shock leader comes in 30 and 50 metre lengths and the large diameter, easy dispensing spool creates less memory for better casts and instant hook sets. Highly recommended.

● 30&50m single item N820

● Donut type velcro spool

Material: Nylon

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