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Art. # 4571295609-1

Elevate angling finesse with Xesta Slow Bee Jig 30g. Unleash precision design for optimal results and versatile action.

A slow-pitch jerk that has become extremely popular in offshore scenes in recent years. This catching power is expanding. What happens if you bring this fishing method to the shore jigging scene? The field called shore has one-sided depth less than that of offshore, and it is difficult to finely cut each range because the input is diagonally upward from the relationship of casting. Therefore, we carved with the main aim of finely engraving in the horizontal direction in an area with no water depth. Finished in a teardrop shape that quickly floats so that the bottom does not get pulled unnecessarily. Considering the stability of the flight attitude during casting, it is not compatible with left and right, but it does not rotate and stall because it flies straight to the point without blurring. Named as "Bee" for its cute shape like a bee's ass, it has a power that attracts many fish because of its seemingly adorable shape, which produces an unimaginable sharp action. By adopting a very short single hook on the front and a very short W hook on the tail, it can be brought into hooking even if both jerk and fall react. In addition, a curb point snapper needle is used to avoid root catching even in places with severe roots and upsets.

30g - 48mm

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Parameter Value
Тегло примамка 30 g
Type of fishing Saltwater
Lure lenght (mm) 48
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