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Elevate angling finesse with Xesta After Burner Slow 20g. Unleash precision design for optimal results and versatile action.

The hook setting is tuned up so that the irregular fall, which is a characteristic of the aster burner, can be used for the popular "shore slow jigging". Slowby is a metal jig that excels at feeding with a single point of appeal, but the afterburner is designed to aim for blue fish that wanders in a wide range, and it falls irregularly while striking. It shows great power when you want to appeal a jig to fish even if you are aiming for bottom food such as root fish or flatfish that eats extremely bitterly. For surfs and sands where there is little risk of rooting, it will be possible to search a wider area than ever before if used in situations where the tide is early, and the number of shore throws must increase. The evolution of afterburners will not stop due to improvements in shore jigging methods and technologies.

HOOK SYSTEM Equipped with a special assist hook that can be used for instant fishing as standard equipment. By setting single assist with tinsel on the front and W hook assist on the tail, you can avoid troubles such as "shrimp" state and hook with both jerk and fall. In addition, a small bream needle with a curved point is used to avoid root catching even in places with severe roots and undulations.

20g - 63mm

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Parameter Value
Тегло примамка 20 g
Type of fishing Saltwater
Lure lenght (mm) 63
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