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Art. # S140-556

Allure the depths with WESTIN Magic Minnow Jig 22g. Unleash dynamic action for remarkable angling success.

Fish the Magic Minnow from the shore, boat, fish it fast, slow on a steady retrieve or jigging – with weedless design and great action in all speeds. The super soft body of the Magic Minnow gives the lure a lifelike and natural swimming action with lots of vibrations. The unique rigging system is fast and easy – you change the body in seconds. The Magic Minnow is the perfect lure for seabass and other saltwater species. Rigging: Press the soft body onto the jig head, mount the hook on the head with a firm grip so it “clicks”, insert the hook through the vertical hole and let it rest in the hook slot of the back, apply one drop of super glue and press together. Ready to go! The bait is available in six sizes with weights of 12g, 22g, 32g, 42g, 52g and 75g. Each package contains a lead head and two bodies.

  • Lead head, soft body optimized super soft flexibility
  • Ultra-sharp wide gap and custom-made single hook
  • Easy, fast and secure fast attach system
  • Weedless design
  • Hook slot in belly and back
  • Can be fished super slow to superfast
  • Casting, jigging
  • Active eyes
  • Sizes: 12g - 10cm | 22g - 12cm | 32g - 13cm | 42g - 14cm | 52g - 15cm | 75g - 17cm
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Parameter Value
Lure lenght (mm) 120
Тегло примамка 22 g
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