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SHIMANO OCEA CONQUEST CT 201HG: Precision-built for superior casting and powerful retrieves, dominating the waters.


Ocea Conquest in the digital age in pursuit of reproducibility in both fall and winding.

Ocea Conquest features a model equipped with a fall lever and a digital counter. The next-generation fall performance is added to the robust and smooth drive system, and the fall action is freely controlled. It became possible to consciously and accurately reproduce falling baits and baits that run away towards the bottom. Of course, all basic performance follows Osia Conquest as it is, and supports the angler's strategy with advanced specifications equipped with advanced mechanisms. That style is proof of sophistication. Fall, winding, and two-way-looking performance invites offshore games to even higher.


To be convinced of the feeling


High rigidity brought by HAGANE body. Smooth and powerful winding performance produced by micromodule gears. And a chic appearance that leaves the name of the famous machine as it pleases. The accumulated history is with the footprints of the angler's challenge. In 2018, the Ossia Conquest steered further evolution. The newly equipped equipment has flexible fall performance and digital counter. Instantly manipulate the fall speed, accurately capture the range, and guide the answer in real time. To a strategy that convinces the senses and is reproducible. I don't need any more vague information. 

Take the initiative with an aggressive fall


Set the fall speed with one touch

Fall lever

A new design lever that can easily and accurately control the fall speed that was difficult to control. More strategic fishing is possible, such as high speed in the air layer and low speed near the bottom. The forged lever that sticks to texture and rigidity has a shape that can be operated by the palming side. 

Hit patterns can be quantified and reproduced


Fall speed display. Fall and winding speed is displayed on the LCD screen. At the same time, you can also grasp the depth of the water, so you can accurately grasp the hit pattern at that time.  

Stable fall is possible.


Level wind linkage. A structure in which the spool and the level wind work together. The release of the line becomes straight and it is possible to fall the mechanism smoothly. The drag works smoothly even when fighting, and it is safe for fishing using thin threads.

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Parameter Value
Gear ratio 6.2:1
Max drag (kg) 5
Reel size 200
Product weight (g) 340
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