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SHIMANO LUNAMIS S86M - 2,59m 7 - 35g

Art. # 4969363395757

20 LUNAMIS S86M: Designed for versatility, it balances power and finesse for smooth casting and precise control in various fishing scenarios.


A lightweight shore casting rod that makes high-precision games come true. Achieved a weight reduction of up to 10% (15g) compared to the previous work.

The new "Lunamis" shore casting rod in pursuit of ultralightweight.

In order to achieve significant weight reduction, [Spiral X core] that realizes light and strong blanks, and [Carbon monocoque grip] that brings further weight reduction and high sensitivity are newly adopted. With the benefits of weight reduction, the sharpness and response during operation have also been greatly improved, and it has evolved as a rod that allows you to enjoy more accurate games.

And the lineup has a wide range of lengths and a wide range of items from L to MH power that support from lightweight plugs to metal jigs over 50g. The field adapts to all scenes of near- and long-distance battles, such as ports, brackish lakes, rivers, offshore embankments, surf and shores.

On behalf of sea bass, it is active in capturing a wide variety of targets such as flounder, flounder, greens and migratory fish.


8'6" length with an excellent balance of operability and far throw. Adapted to Minnow in the 10 to 15cm class, vibration and blade bait in the 15 to 35g class, metal jigs up to 45g, etc. Of course, it is active in capturing a wide variety of targets in the nearby sea. The field is good at scenes such as rivers, tidal flats, and offshore embankments.

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Parameter Value
Type of fishing Freshwater
Type of fishing Saltwater
PE Rating PE 0,8 - 2
Number of guides 8
Number of sections 2
Lure test (g) MAX 45 JIG
Transport length (cm) 133,3
Length (m) 2,59 - 8'6"
Lure test (g) 7 - 35
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