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Art. # 4969363353924

COLT SNIPER LIMITED 100H: Crafted for precision and power, this high-performance rod elevates casting accuracy and control, setting the standard for the avid angler's pursuit.


In search of unprecedented pleasure in the blue of the sea.

The goal is to create a shore casting rod that transcends the limits so far by fusing Shimano's advanced technology and know-how in a high dimension. Thorough pursuit of liberation from line trouble, which was a chronic dissatisfaction of anglers. Adopt [X Guide: Touch-free Titanium], which overturns conventional common sense, completed by thoroughly analyzing the correlation between reel size and line system. The unique high frame shape realizes the performance of suppressing the root cause of line trouble caused by interfering with blank touch and guide frames. The essential blank structure adopts [Spiral X core], which brings high strength to all directions such as bending, twisting, and crushing. And the thoroughly enhanced repulsive force exerts a powerful power that bends, enabling a sharp and light cast. In addition, it balances the whole blanks to bend smoothly to the grip part, making it easy to timing the cast and relieve the impact and stress on the body in power fights. In addition, it is equipped with an original rubber grip end to support cast and fight stability. When you experience these true values, a new stage of the shore casting game will be opened.


LTD S100H - Versatile model that can be used from deep capture to plugs.

Whether it is on the shore or offshore, if it is possible to respond to a wide range with 1 tackle, you can deepen the strategy based on that one. S100H is the best solution derived by try & error. As the length and power of the middle that is the standard for shore jigging rods aimed at large greens, you can comfortably use various lures from thinking pencils of around 30g to diving pencils of around 100g and metal jigs of 120g, There is a wide range of situations that can be handled.

You can experience a new sense that both jig and plugs that can dispel the dissatisfaction of anglers who have been dissatisfied with Versatile rods so far are easy to use.

Of course, the area used is wide, aiming for greens on the nearby rocky shores and offshore islands, 10 kg class yellowtails such as Izu and Kozushima, yellowtails, yellowtails and yellowtails of the five islands in the five islands of Nagasaki Prefecture, large blues and yellowtails and yellowtails of the male and women's archipelagos, and greens and sujiara in the Kokishima Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture , assuming the aim of large blue goods in the Uji Islands and Kusakaki Islands. In particular, depending on the situation, the situation where you have to aim for large blues with a lure of 60g or less for the tackle of PE line 4, or a situation where fishing can only be established with 120g metal jigs, both situations are operated because it is S100H You can fish comfortably with sex and responsiveness.

It is one that I would like you to take as the main axis of a strategic rock shore game.

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Parameter Value
Max drag (kg) 8
Type of fishing Saltwater
Number of guides 9
Number of sections 2
Lure test (g) MAX 120 JIG
Length (m) 3,05 - 10'0"
PE Rating MAX PE 5
Transport length (cm) 156,7
Lure test (g) MAX 100 Plug
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