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Art. # BUFF-120

NOMAD DESIGN The Buffalo 120g: Master the hunt. Unleash brute power for unmatched angling victories.

Nomad Design micro jigs have been developed and tested by the Nomad team to tame the ocean’s toughest predators. The range covers all styles of jigging from fast to very slow and centre balanced options, with something for every species. Ideal for everything from snapper and kingfish through to coral trout, nannygai and emperor on the reef, this great value range of jigs are ready to fish out of the package featuring quality BKK hooks suited to the size of fish commonly encountered on jigs in their size range. The 20-40g sizes come equipped with twin assist hooks, while the 60g and larger sizes feature 5X strong BKK assist hooks as standard. 

The Buffalo is a slow pitch centre balanced jig featuring twin assist hooks on the tail. This style of jig is ideal when used with a long lift of the rod, and then allowed to flutter on the drop. It works perfectly amongst schools of tuna, or on reef species on a slow fall near the bottom. The centre balanced weight means the jig will flutter as it falls, looking like a wounded fish.
All Nomad Design jigs are perfectly rigged with high quality BKK hooks and ready to fish straight out of the packet.

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Parameter Value
Тегло примамка 120 g
Type of fishing Saltwater
Lure lenght (mm) 93
hooks fitted BKK 5X Assist 2/0
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