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Art. # 4529604024-1

Unleash aquatic frenzy with HOTS KS JIG 200g. Your ultimate weapon for luring and landing the biggest trophies.

"KS Jig", also known as "rare jig" amongst the enthusiastic jiggers, is now launched from HOTS collaborating with the director of KS Manufacture, Mr. Shiraishi. The "KS Jig" has thin and constricted parts at the front and its irregular jerking and falling action makes tremendous effects on bluerunners. The jig has an ultraslim head shape to respond to "Speedy Fake Jerk" action. There are many kinds of silver colors in the line-up and UV R.G.B. colors are also available as regular colors.

RH=Round hologram
A.Crash=Aluminum crash hologram
AH=Aurola hologram

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Parameter Value
Тегло примамка 200 g
Lure lenght (mm) 255
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