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Larva is an imitation of dragonfly larvae which has proven to work for all seasons. If you are confused with classification of this lure, we believe that it relates to soft plastic creature baits. So, as you may know dragonfly larvae is the favorite food of both predatory and non-predatory fish. This insect lives in all kinds of ponds, lakes, and rivers, dwelling in the lakebed within the weeds. It is relatively slow and as a result, becomes an easy target for anything that can swallow it.

  • Body length: 6,4 cm.
  • Used for: All kinds of bass, Active and passive zander, Passive pike , Trout and salmon, Perch and other panfish
  • Suitable for all kinds of rigs (Texas, Carolina, Jig Head, Drop Shot, etc) and hooks
  • Package 7 pcs.
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