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Art. # 6939067093-2

Experience the power of BKK Spear-21 SS hooks—a perfect blend of strength, sharpness, and performance. #AnglersChoice

BKK Spear 21 SS is designed to be a highly versatile treble hook for various kinds of fishing applications using a light drag setting. The wide range of sizes from #18 to #5/0 allows anglers to match different sizes of bait.

The combination of round bend and fine gauge (1X) makes penetration quick and deep with very light pressure.

Besides, the needle sharp hook point and BKK’s Super Slide coating further enhance penetration performance and minimize piercing resistance. BKK’s robust yet elastic carbon steel material (BKK-81WV) helps maintaining the sharpness of the hook even after several strikes.

An accurately forged hook shank increases the strength by up to 20%, resulting in a much more durable hook. Furthermore, the moderate length of hook shank allows the hook to be used on different types of baits such as swimbait, crankbait, minnow and topwater baits.

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Parameter Value
Type of fishing Freshwater
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