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Подобрете играта си с въдица за вертикален джиг риболов SHIMANO 23 OCEA JIGGER B510-6. Създаден за върховна сила и финес, той е вашият инструмент по избор за покоряване на дълбоководни гиганти.


Challenge large fish with speed and response. High-response shaft that sticks to the origin of jigging.

Jig action full of speed and direct feeling. It is the origin of jigging, and it is still the biggest tactic. The bait model of the new Ossia Jigger has evolved to be able to manipulate fast invitations and sharp jig action from the middle to high pitch jerking more at will to make the original real pleasure of jigging stand out even more. The responsiveness is thoroughly improved by fast taper and high elasticity. The blanks, which use Shimano's unique technology, Spiral X Core and High Power X, to eliminate threading, blur, and power loss as much as possible, are slender and lightweight, yet extremely strong. It enables light and high-precision jig operation even in situations where strong loads are applied, such as sea areas with strong tide currents and dotera sinks, and it also has a high responsiveness to control it properly while suppressing excessive rampage of jigs in situations where the sea is calm. And X-Guide 3D Titanium combines trouble-free performance and good threading, and also supports smooth bending by optimizing the guide foot size. I also do a hard game plan at will. Representative of yellowtail, yellowtail, amberjack, tuna, etc., fast invitations are effective targets. The royal road specs dominate the tough offshore scene.

B510-6 - The strongest model in the series to capture large fish in the deep field.

Jig weight MAX 380g, 150m+α for high pitch jerks, and 180m+α for middle pitch jerks. While putting power and response to the forefront as the strongest model in the series, it reduces the burden on anglers in high-load jerks by improving the balance of bends. The compatible reel size is 2000 to 4000.

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Параметър Стойност
Драг (кг) 10
Вид риболов Соленоводен
Брой водачи 9
Брой секции 1
Транспортна дължина (см) 178
PE рейтинг MAX PE 5
Дължина (м) 1,78 - 5'10"
Тест по примамки (гр.) MAX 380
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