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Плетено влакно SHIMANO PE OCEA 8 500m 10m x 5

Арт.№ 4969363647

Плетен конец Shimano PE Ocea 8 - несравнима здравина и издръжливост в 500-метрова макара. Подобрете вашата риболовна игра с превъзходна производителност!

SHIMANO OCEA 8 300m 10m x 5


X-filament - The next generation of polymer polyethylene yarn is adopted for the first time. Significantly improve the "strong" of the biggest requirement required offshore.

Tough Cross 2 -  Knitting process that combines tough cloth + VT construction method. The smoothness and straightness of the surface are improved, and in addition to the uniformity of strength, it contributes to low elongation and improvement of abrasion.

 Heat sink coating - It is coated with a special silicon resin with a thermal conductivity of about 1/4 lower than water and excellent heat resistance. Improve slipperiness.

※Coating on items 4 to 12

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