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Арт.№ 4969363660

Покорете дълбините с SHIMANO XU-T22S OCEA MONSTER DRIVE HD 220. Отприщвайки несравнима мощност и прецизност, това е най-доброто оборудване за навиване на океански гиганти.


Put a needle in the monster's mouth and don't miss the fish you hang. HD deepened thinking only about catching monsters in the Xuankai Sea.

Premise a high-pressure situation. Long assist setting with a lightweight single hook

A Hiramasa casting game in the Genkai Sea, where 20kg over has been steadily caught and it is no longer a dream to catch the 30kg class. Monster Drive is a high-pressure environment in a fierce battlefield, and a lightweight single hook that is easy to be sucked into the mouth even in a situation of short bytes is set with a long assist with a high degree of freedom.


Body design dedicated to long assist - In order to prevent hook entanglement before and after that always occurs when using the long assist hook, move the front hook eye to the head side exclusively for the long assist hook. Accordingly, the weights are also specially designed to improve the sharpness of actions and the ease of dives.

To fight with the monster of your dreams with peace of mind - With the deepening to HD, the hook size has been enlarged. Along with that, the specification was changed from twin hook to single hook in order not to increase the weight of the whole hook. In addition, in order to realize a fight with large fish and plenty of room, the hook itself is also equipped with a tube. I am shaping the desire to challenge the dream monster with a perfect posture.

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Параметър Стойност
Вид риболов Соленоводен
Вид Плуващ
Дължина примамка (мм) 220
Тегло примамка 138 g
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