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Арт.№ 4969363045904

Спининг макара SHIMANO 23 STRADIC 4000 XG FM: Прецизно инженерство за ненадмината производителност, предефиниране на съвършенството в риболова.


The versatile Stradic offers exceptional performance and delivers an enviable combination of strength, refinement and smoothness. Backed by years of history and a faultless reputation, the next generation Stradic is a reel that consistently delivers class-leading performance.

The Stradic sits perfectly in the middle of the Coresolid range and delivers a serious amount of advanced technology. It doesn’t matter if you fish different methods for different species, or are a single-minded specialist, there’s a model in the Stradic range for you. Strong and powerful enough to make fishing heavy lures and fighting large fish easier, yet smooth enough to offer precision when required, the Stradic is a pleasure to use and will enhance your fishing experience in all freshwater and in-shore saltwater situations.

The Stradic features some of SHIMANO’s very best technology, including HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP, Micro Module II, Silent Drive, INFINITYXROSS and INFINITYDRIVE. These advanced technologies are housed inside the lightweight aluminium HAGANE Body, producing the unwavering powerful smoothness you feel when winding under pressure. The DURACROSS Drag produces precise and extremely accurate fish-playing control, even under extreme pressure. The addition of X-Protect means you can use this reel for anything from light rock fishing up to Sea Bass lure fishing in saltwater, as well as all freshwater environments. The Long Stroke AR-C spool for improved distance casting and ANTI-TWIST Fin for excellent line management make this long-time Shimano favourite a true pleasure to fish in many conditions.


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Параметър Стойност
Размер макара 4000
Предавателно число 6.2:1
Лагери 6+1
Драг (кг) 11
Вид риболов Соленоводен
Тегло продукт (гр.) 275
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