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Въдица SHIMANO 22 EXSENCE INFINITY S96ML 2,90m 5 - 32g

Арт.№ 4969363354877

Спининг въдица EXSENCE INFINITY S96ML: Създадена за финес и прецизност, тази въдица съчетава чувствителност със сила за точно, гъвкаво замятане и изключително управление при различни сценарии за риболов.


In order to get a momentary chance. Cast feel and sensitivity that transcend the limits so far.

The performance aimed at as the highest peak of Shimano Seabass Rod is not only light and strong, but also accurate casting can be continued, you can sense all the information in the water, and you can capture a momentary chance = Ranker Seabass. [Carbon monocoque grip] and [carbon shell grip] realize high sensitivity that echoes in your hands with their lightweight, hollow and thin structure. [X Guide] is excellent in lightness and trouble-freeness, and supports the improvement of flight distance with less air resistance. And the essence, Blanks, thoroughly pursues the balance of bending so that the transmitted energy is input and output smoothly and efficiently. It is easy to move the fulcrum to the hand side, and by bending exquisitely before and after the grip, you can clearly grasp the timing of the cast and changes in the water, supporting high-precision and stress-free games. In addition, the whole body bends like a bow, demonstrating great power, and achieving a stable performance even during full cast and high load of fights. It also suppresses excessive rebound that is lumpy, and reduces mistakes such as fatigue and hook-off. When you experience these true values, a new stage of the Chivas game will be opened.

Four new models have been added to the Shimano Seabass Rod's highest peak "Exsense Infinity". The part that connects to these four is the element of strengthening the long rod and power. If you design a rod like this, it tends to be heavy and difficult to operate, but the disadvantages are eliminated by making full use of advanced technology. Unlike the impression of appearance, it realizes lightness and comfort that impresses you the moment you hold it and shake it.





When you want to delicately manipulate a distant lure. A long-length model that goes well with lightweight lures.

An item with an excellent balance of operability and far throw. Adapted to 7 to 12 cm class Minnows and sinking pencils, 10 to 20 g class vibrations and top plugs, etc. Active in ports, rivers, tidal flats, brackish lakes, etc.


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Параметър Стойност
Вид риболов Соленоводен
Брой водачи 8
Брой секции 2
Дължина (м) 2,90 - 9'6"
Транспортна дължина (см) 148,6
PE рейтинг PE 0,5 - 1,2
Тест по примамки (гр.) 5 - 32
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