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Въдица MAGBITE GOOD RIDGE 78MH MIXTURE 2,34m max 40g

Арт.№ 4945826310147

Японски спининг MAGBITE GOOD RIDGE 78MH MIXTURE: Мощна прецизност за разнообразен риболов, гарантиращ големи кълвания всеки път.


78MH MIXTURE is an action design that is compatible with a wide range of rigs related to rockfish games, including swimming rigs, bottom-centered Texas rigs, and shore casting.



Not only does it have the bat power to handle the torqueful pulling of rockfish, but it also has a flexible tip that bites and doesn't deflect bites, leading you to hook the fish you're aiming for. In addition, the extremely maneuverable length of 7 feet 8 inches provides excellent maneuverability both on the shore and in boats. Fully compatible with all methods necessary for rockfish games such as swimming rigs and Texas rigs.
This is a rod with specs that allows you to comfortably enjoy light rock games and heavy-sized targets.

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Параметър Стойност
Вид риболов Соленоводен
Брой водачи 8
Брой секции 2
PE рейтинг MAX PE 1,5
Дължина (м) 2,34 - 7'8"
Тест по примамки (гр.) MAX 40
Транспортна дължина (см) 120
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