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Джиг глави XESTA TOUCH DOWN STRONG 150g - 200g

Арт.№ 4573439028-1

Покорете дълбините с тежки джиг глави Xesta Touch Down Strong 200g. Несравнима мощност и производителност за улов на океански гиганти. Подобрете вашата риболовна игра!

Big size jig head to attack the unexplored zone that was difficult to reach in the Hyper Head series such as rock fish in the deep area over 20 m underwater and boat rock fish games.
A lineup of weight-up models that strengthen the hooks while maintaining the touchdown features such as horizontal fall, dirt performance, and wobbling the worm in response to water flow.
Due to its design that emphasizes its toughness, it has a wide variety of uses such as blue fish, large flat fish, and sea bass, as well as rock fish.
With the advent of this jig head, if it becomes possible to send a rig with a soft wave of a worm to an area that has been approached only with metal jigs until now, the angler's drawer will be greatly expanded and the target will be expanded.
It is the birth of a new style jig head with new possibilities.

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