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Арт.№ 4969363686

Освободете тръпката от движението по повърхността на водата с попер SHIMANO OCEA SPOUTER 120F 52g OP-120N. Прецизен дизайн за експлозивни удари и незабравими моменти на риболов.


In addition to popping, a frenzy color has been added to the all-purpose popper that appeals to jerks & dives and straight retrieves!

The key point of the appeal is the "bubbles"?!

BUBBLE CHAMBER has a new mechanism in which the water that enters from the water intake port provided at the top of the cup mixes with air inside the body and blows out from the spout on the back while generating fine bubbles. In addition to the appeal of the lure itself, by drawing sparkling bubbles along the path of the lure, it enhances its appeal underwater.

The hint is an airplane jet engine?!

BUBBLE CHAMBER generates more bubbles by taking in more water. Therefore, the cross section of the water intake is designed so that the entrance is slightly narrower and the interior is slightly wider. This shape is a technology used in jet aircraft engine mouths, and is used to efficiently inhale more air. By applying this technology, we have devised a way to inhale as much water as possible not only from the front but also from around the cup as efficiently as possible. 

Stable flight attitude, sense of stability

with fewer popping mistakes.Designed with emphasis on stable flight balance, with a fixed center of gravity. In addition, with a buoyancy design that allows the body to sink into the water, the cup is always positioned close to the water surface, and by repeating popping without mistakes, we aimed for a sense of stability that allows you to firmly bring the chased fish to bite. It also supports jerk and dive targeting amberjack. It dives into the water like a dive pencil while drawing in lots of bubbles into the water.

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Параметър Стойност
Тегло примамка 52 g
Вид риболов Соленоводен
Вид Плуващ
Дължина примамка (мм) 120
Дълбочина, м По повърхността
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