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Макара SHIMANO GRAPPLER CT 151XG - left hand

Арт.№ 4969363040381

Макара SHIMANO GRAPPLER CT 151XG: Мощна производителност за прецизен риболов, справяне с най-трудните предизвикателства без усилие.


Equipped with a fall lever. Leave the strategy of light jigging to this guy!

Grappler CT, which is widely active in jigging near the sea, has been renewed with further evolution. The new Grappler CT is equipped with a fall lever in its well-established counter function. The sinking speed of the jig that had relied on summing can be freely adjusted with a single lever, and the numerical value can be accurately reproduced by the counter. In addition, the adoption of HAGANE body and long single handle makes the winding more powerful. An aggressive game that starts from the moment you cut the clutch. The strategy of light jigging is clear!


Fall speed display - Hit patterns can be quantified and reproduced. Fall and winding speed is displayed on the LCD screen. At the same time, you can also grasp the depth of the water, so you can accurately grasp the hit pattern at that time.

Level wind linkage - Stable fall is possible. A structure in which the spool and the level wind work together. The release of the line becomes straight and it is possible to fall the mechanism smoothly. The drag works smoothly even when fighting, and it is safe for fishing using thin threads.

Carbon cross washer - High performance that is safe even with fine yarn. Adopting a carbon cross washer that combines good sliding and high durability. Due to the synergistic effect with the level wind linkage, the movement of the drag is surprisingly smooth. It is also possible to deal with the thrust of large sea bream.

60mm single handle + EVA knob. Winding power and stability of reeling are improved. It is a 60mm long specification with an EVA knob. It enables efficient power transmission and powerful winding, and you can firmly grip the handle knob with your palm, so you can not lose power to interact with big people, and the sense of security is increasing.

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Параметър Стойност
Лагери 5+1
Драг (кг) 5
Тегло продукт (гр.) 255
Предавателно число 8.1:1
Размер макара 150
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