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Силиконов калмар NOMAD SQUIDTREX 85 VIBE 21g


Силиконова примамка NOMAD SQUIDTREX 85 VIBE: Прецизно проектирана привлекателност, командващ екшън за улов, достоен за трофей.


The SQUIDTREX uses pat. pending technology to combine a soft vibration lure into a squid shaped body to produce a unique action designed to trigger bites. It can be jigged vertically, cast or even trolled.

The soft TPE construction allows strength and durability matched with realistic movement of the tentacles which waft and wiggle in the water to entice bites when sinking or even at rest. The heavy duty through wire construction and premium assist hooks allow you to fish this lure confidently for trophy fish.  It can also be cast towards structure or feeding fish and worked back subsurface on a straight or stop start retrieve with additional line tie points allowing for multiple ways to fish the Squidtrex. 

Every Nomad Design Lure has been crafted by decades of experience on the water to be tougher, last longer and to simply catch fish.

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Параметър Стойност
Тегло примамка 21 g
Вид риболов Соленоводен
Дължина примамка (мм) 85
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