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Джиг CB ONE ZERO 1 130g

Арт.№ 4560181804355

Доминирайте във водите с джиг CB ONE ZERO 1 130g! Създаден за несравнима сила и финес, той е вашето оръжие за покоряване на най-голямата хищна риба.

CB ONE ZERO1 130g - 135mm

A pin spot action jig that can produce a lot of invitations and eating in the target space. The appeal power is inferior to the slide system, but it has a very high track record in conditions where the target's predatory range is limited. High-response action design that allows you to decide dirt and fluttering with light rod work, minimizing the force required for the initial movement. The zero edge on the side drains the water, and after the action, the glare horizontal throw fall is stabilized and the duration of the eating time. With a slow and sharp rod work that powerfully suppresses the jerk width, a continuous approach that directs as many invitations and eats as possible in the predatory area constantly stimulates the target's fighting instinct.



Chain & Rush

Pinspot action of invitation

Concentrated continuous actions that reduce the travel distance in the predetermined area, such as the blues on the pin spot and the situation where Tana traveling in the middle layer are easy to squeeze, double the part-time job opportunity.

Zero Edge

Horizontal zero posture of eating

It is the zero edge that stands out on the side to decide the timing of the feed after the invitation. The water flow is distributed to the left and right, realizing the continuation of a stable horizontal zero posture. The flushing effect of the four flat surfaces by rolling fall strengthens the appeal.

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Параметър Стойност
Тегло примамка 130 g
Вид риболов Соленоводен
Дължина примамка (мм) 135
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