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Джиг CB ONE Xs 100g

Арт.№ 4560181804768

Освободете силата на прецизния риболов с джиг CB ONE Xs 100g! Проектиран за върховна производителност, той е вашият ключ към разтоварването на ценен улов без усилие. 

CB ONE Xs 100g - 92mm

A small silhouette metal jig that is effective for targets that prey on small bait around the roots, such as bean horse mackerel, kouna, and small squid. Asymmetrical design that shifts the center of gravity to generate action quickly even in small forms. We reduced the length and height to earn weights with the thickness of the body, and designed it to look visually as small as possible. Especially in fields with a high probability of small bait, such as super light games in the coastal areas, you can expect a tremendous effect of match the bait. 

  • Great for kingfish, tuna, snapper, cod, grouper and all bottom searching.



Quick Roll & Dead Fall

Dancing vigorously, drifting immovable

Reach the bottom quickly with a compact form that is not easily affected by the tide. With a short pitch micro-input operation using bait tackle, a continuous flat action is developed while bouncing up the berries vigorously. At the time of fall, while maintaining a horizontal posture to the fullest, produce a dying bait with immovable no action.

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Параметър Стойност
Тегло примамка 100 g
Вид риболов Соленоводен
Дължина примамка (мм) 92
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