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Асист куки CB ONE EX ASSIST HOOK - 4cm

Арт.№ 4573227887

Асист кука CB ONE EX - 4 см: Прецизно проектирани, тези куки са изработени за оптимална здравина за трофейни риби.

CB ONE EX assist hook - 4cm

High strength, high durability, assist hook for large objects 

An assist hook for jigging that is suitable for fishing that can be forced to fight for a long time with high loads and targets large tuna, amberjack, and yellowtail. The overwhelmingly powerful Zylon leader has low elongation and high incision, and is excellent in durability against rubbing with sharp parts such as teeth and gills. The hook is a medium-thick axis line diameter that is both piercing and strength, and it strongly penetrates the hard jaw of a large fish with a long tapered sharp hook tip and a non-shake penetration angle in the tensile direction. Stealth black plated finish with reduced sparkle.

*All come in 2pcs in pack.

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